Vlogging Kit: Essential Tools for Vlogging

Looking to build a vlogging toolkit with essential tools you need for stellar vlogs? Before you hit “record”, let's build a vlogging kit that'll have your viewers hooked, and not overwhelmed by shaky footage and muffled audio.

Looking to build a vlogging toolkit with essential tools you need for stellar vlogs? Before you hit “record”, let's build a vlogging kit that'll have your viewers hooked, and not overwhelmed by shaky footage and muffled audio.

Here's your essential gear checklist to transform you from a vlogging newbie to a content creation pro.

Essential Tools to Kickstart Your Vlogging Journey

Here's a list of essential tools to get you started:


While smartphones are more convenient to carry around, a dedicated camera gives you better image quality. Mirrorless cameras are a popular choice for vloggers due to their compact size and lightweight build, making them ideal for on-the-go filming.

A versatile powerhouse, the Sony Alpha ZV-E1 delivers exceptional image quality with a large APS-C sensor and advanced autofocus capabilities. Perfect for capturing vibrant details and smooth transitions, this camera is ideal for you as an aspiring creator seeking a future-proof investment.


Lighting is the trick to professional-looking vlogs. Natural light is fantastic, but you should consider artificial lighting for controlled environments or low-light situations. Softboxes are a favorite among vloggers,  using light to reduce harsh shadows and create a flattering look.

You can also achieve flawless lighting with ring lights. Most ring lights offer adjustable color temperatures and brightness, allowing you to create flattering illumination for various environments.

Tripod and Gimbal

A tripod is a must-have for stable, shake-free footage. Look for tripods with a fluid head, allowing smooth panning and tilting for dynamic shots.

Consider getting a tripod that seamlessly transforms from a handheld device for vlogging on the go to a sturdy tripod for static shots. Most tripods come with wireless Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you control zoom and shutter release remotely.

Shaky footage can be a turn-off for viewers, so you’ll need a gimbal. A gimbal is a motorized device stabilizing your camera, ensuring smooth, professional-looking shots, particularly when filming on the move.


An external microphone is essential for capturing clear, crisp sound, especially in noisy environments. Lapel microphones, which clip onto your clothing, offer a hands-free solution for vloggers.

You can upgrade your audio game with a compact and versatile wireless microphone system. It usually features two lapel microphones for crystal-clear sound recording, perfect for capturing interviews or vlogging on the move with minimal background noise.

Editing Software

After filming your masterpiece, editing software brings your vision to life. Explore free and paid options like HipClip.AI. With video editing software, you can cut footage, add transitions, and incorporate music and sound effects.


The truth is, you don't need a fortune to create captivating content. The secret weapon you're probably holding right now can be the key to unlocking your vlogging potential. And if you're lucky enough to have an iPhone, consider yourself one step ahead of the game.

Your phone is always with you. It’s there whenever inspiration strikes, allowing you to capture those spontaneous moments that often lead to the best vlogs.

The latest iPhones boast advanced camera systems with exceptional low-light performance and great video recording capabilities.

Other Necessary Tools for Vlogging

While the core tools above lay the foundation, consider expanding your kit with these helpful additions:

  • Memory cards: Stock up on memory cards with sufficient capacity to store video recordings. Remember, high-resolution footage consumes more storage space.
  • Green screen: A green screen allows you to replace the background behind you with any image or video, giving you special effects and visuals.
  • Teleprompter: Feeling nervous on camera? A teleprompter displays your script while you appear to look directly at the lens. This is a fantastic tool for ensuring clear and confident delivery in your vlogs.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting Your Vlogging Kit

Before building your vlogging kit, there are key factors to consider.

Experience Level

As a new vlogger, you can create fantastic content with a smartphone that has a 4K camera, an external microphone, and a tripod. Many platforms like TikTok even offer built-in editing tools.

There is no need to splurge on fancy backgrounds or expensive editing software. Test the waters, experiment with different video styles, and refine your approach before investing heavily in gear.

If you want to create longer vlogs primarily, you might consider upgrading to a dedicated camera like the Sony ZV-E1 Vlog Camera for enhanced quality. 

Setting and Video Style

The type of content you create impacts your equipment needs. Will you be filming mostly indoors, outdoors, on the go, or staying stationary?

Content with a lot of movement benefits from a camera with strong stabilization features. Shaky footage can distract viewers, so consider a camera with built-in stabilization or a gimbal for a smoother look, especially if you plan on filming while walking, or running.

Clear audio is essential, especially outdoors, where background noise can easily overpower your voice.  An external microphone is a must-have if you plan on filming outside environments or situations where maintaining a consistent distance from the camera is difficult. 

There are so many fake deals on tech accessories. If a 4K camera on Amazon seems suspiciously cheap, it probably is. Do your research, compare prices across reputable retailers, and read reviews before purchasing.

Platform Choice

Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts often function well with a basic setup, depending on your preferences. These platforms prioritize quick, engaging content, and viewers are generally less focused on ultra-high production quality.

Longer vlogs for platforms like YouTube might benefit from an actual camera to achieve a more professional outcome. A dedicated camera typically offers greater control over settings like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, allowing you to capture high-quality footage with better low-light performance.

While a basic setup is great if you’re a beginner, consider the impact of higher-quality equipment. Sharper images, clearer audio, and the right tripod can improve your content significantly.

However, don't feel pressured to break the bank upfront. Start with what you have, experiment, and upgrade your gear as your skills and audience grow.

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