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Transcribe content in 35 languages

Unlock the hidden value of your audio and video content. Transcribe speech to text in 35+ languages and use it to create blog articles, social media quotes, and more.

Find best moments with AI

Stop wasting time searching for a perfect moment. Hipclip empowers you to easily identify and clip the most compelling moments in your footage.


Edit videos like a word doc

Easily manipulate your media files just like a text document. Hipclip transforms your videos into editable text, allowing for seamless reordering, trimming, and adding visual effects.

Create shorts, tiktoks, and reels

Create engaging content without editors or designers. Resize videos for social and style them with curated professional templates. Or... create a custom style in minutes.

Dynamic captions
Custom logos
Custom backgrounds
And so much more!

Remove fillers

Effortlessly eliminate filler words, stuttering, and awkward pauses from your content. Create a polished and professional final product with ease.


faster editing


budget savings

Save time and money with AI

Create dozens of videos in minutes and for a fraction of cost.


"I am crazy impressed by how easy it is to use. I seriously love this. We just wrapped up our portfolio summit, and I am using HipClip to create short little videos for social. Your platform is chef's kiss amazing."

Tilly McLain
Community manager at Uncork Capital

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