Transform Your Agency's Video Editing Process

Streamline your video editing process and deliver high-quality content faster than ever before.

Are you tired of spending countless hours on video editing for your clients?

Are you struggling to keep up with the growing demand for video content?

Do you want to improve the quality and consistency of your video content?

Introducing Hipclip, the video editing tool designed for marketing agencies. With Hipclip, you can create engaging, high-quality video content faster and more efficiently than ever before.

With Hipclip you can:

Automate video editing

Hipclip's AI-powered software automates the tedious parts of the editing process, so you can focus on creating great content.

Collaboration tools (soon)

Work seamlessly with your team and clients to get feedback and approvals in real-time.

Multi-platform optimization

Optimize your videos for any platform, including social media, YouTube, and your client's website.

Customizable branding

Add branding to every video for a professional look that will impress your clients.

Transcribe audio & video in 35+ languages

Unlock the hidden value of your audio and video content. Transcribe speech to text in 35+ languages and use it to create blog articles, social media quotes, and more.

Find notable moments with AI

Stop wasting time searching for a perfect moment. Hipclip empowers you to easily identify and clip the most compelling moments in your footage.


Edit video by editing text.

Easily manipulate your media files just like a text document. Hipclip transforms your videos into editable text, allowing for seamless reordering, trimming, and adding visual effects.

Aspect ratio? Captions? We got you.

Create stunning content without the need for expensive editors or designers. Choose from a selection of curated professional templates or create your own.

Dynamic captions
Custom logos
Custom backgrounds
And so much more!

Eliminate filler words and pauses in one click.

Effortlessly eliminate filler words, stuttering, and awkward pauses from your content. Create a polished and professional final product with ease.

Save your time and money with AI.

Focus on the creative aspects of your work while our AI features takes care of the rest.


faster editing

Create more in less time.


budget savings

Create more for less money.


"I am crazy impressed by how easy it is to use. I seriously love this. We just wrapped up our portfolio summit, and I am using HipClip to create short little videos for social. Your platform is chef's kiss amazing."

Tilly McLain
Community manager at Uncork Capital

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  • Basic graphic templates
  • Watermark
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  • 30 hours of transcription
  • All AI features
  • Custom templates
  • Premium support