How to Make Podcast Clips for Instagram

Have you poured your heart and soul into recording a stellar podcast, but creating that same magic for Instagram feels like a whole new ball game? You no longer have to worry. You only need to figure out how to make podcasts into clips for Instagram.

Have you poured your heart and soul into recording a stellar podcast, but creating that same magic for Instagram feels like a whole new ball game? You no longer have to worry. You only need to figure out how to make podcasts into clips for Instagram.

Turning your episodes into bite-sized Instagram clips is easier than you think. Here's your guide to creating podcast clips that hook listeners and grow your audience.

What Are Podcast Clips?

Podcast clips are like appetizers, designed to hook your listeners and get them listening to the full podcast. It's a carefully sliced snippet of your full-length podcast episode.

So, to create one, you’ll need to get the juiciest bits, the laugh-out-loud moments, the mind-blowing insights, and string them together into a bite-sized masterpiece. It's a quick tease, a glimpse into the main content, just enough to leave them craving the full episode.

You can keep it simple, one perfect slice from your latest episode. Or, for a true flavor explosion, mix and match, crafting a montage that showcases your message.

The beauty of the podcast clip is its social media compatibility — from Instagram stories, TikTok snippets, to Twitter bursts. Plus, it's a breeze to create. No need for fancy editing or extra recording. Just grab your favorite snippets, add some visual elements, and let your podcast do the talking.

Ways to Share Your Podcast Content on Instagram

There are three platforms under Instagram for content sharing and understanding them makes your work easier.

Instagram Feed

These classic squares are 60-second video bites that can highlight your life or brand. If you plan to use the feed, keep your clips polished and perfect.

Insta Stories

You can go original with Stories! Get real and raw and share fleeting moments in vertical, 20-60 second clips. They vanish in 24 hours, making them perfect for glimpses behind-the-scenes and casual updates.

A whopping third of the most-viewed stories belong to businesses. That's your cue to grab attention and turn scrollers into listeners. With Instagram Stories, you can share genuine moments, answer questions in real time, and get conversations flowing.

If you want your stories to go beyond their 24-hour lifespan, turn them into Highlights. These are collections your followers can revisit anytime.

Once you hit 10,000 followers on your business account, use story links! Send listeners straight to your podcasts with a single tap.


Got something epic to share? IGTV allows longer stories, up to 10 minutes for smaller accounts. Think mini-documentaries, tutorials, or an in-depth dive into your message.

With IGTV, you can tease what's brewing in your podcast with an extended clip, or post a blooper reel that'll have your followers eager for the full episode.

Why Podcast Clips are Good for You

There are several reasons why creating podcast clips as a video content creator could be a valuable strategy for you:

Repurpose Existing Content 

By using audio from your podcast, you can create video content without additional filming or editing. This can significantly reduce the time and resources you’ll need to generate new content. 

Reach a Wider Audience 

Sharing clips on video platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok can attract viewers who prefer video content or may not know of your podcast. This expands your reach and potentially brings in new fans. 

Boost Podcast Listenership

Engaging video clips can pique viewers' interest and encourage them to listen to the full podcast episode. This can increase your podcast's listenership and engagement. 

Visual Storytelling 

Adding visuals to your audio can enhance the storytelling and make your content more engaging and memorable. You can use relevant images, animations, or even B-roll footage to complement the audio.

Call to Action

Videos offer more opportunities for visual calls to action than podcasts. You can add text overlays, subscribe buttons, or links to your website to encourage viewers to take further action. 

Community Building 

Video platforms often foster stronger community engagement than podcasts. You can respond to:

  • comments
  • host Q&A sessions
  • run polls

This creates a more interactive experience for your audience. 

SEO Benefits 

Videos tend to rank higher in search results than podcasts. Sharing your clips on video platforms can improve your overall online visibility and make it easier for new viewers to find your content. 

Social Media Reach 

Videos are generally more shared and interacted with on social media than audio clips. Sharing your podcast clips on social media can significantly increase your reach and attract new followers

How to Creating Podcast Clips With

Here's how to make podcast clips for Instagram with

  1. Grab your mic and hit record! Remember to secure permission from your guests beforehand.
  2. Wrap up the podcast and go straight to Time to transform your audio into a video masterpiece!
  3. Pick the perfect template – think logos, captions, eye-catching graphics – to make your podcast clips stand out.
  4. Hit "export" and choose MP4. Now, your creation is ready to go up on Instagram and other platforms!

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