Editing Your Video with HipClip

This article covers the basics of trimming, clipping, removing silences and filler words, and highlighting segments, making video editing seamless and efficient.


Once your video is uploaded to HipClip, the real magic begins. Editing your video with HipClip is intuitive and innovative, thanks to its text-like editing capabilities. This article will guide you through the main editing page and its features, empowering you to transform your video content with ease.

Navigating the Main Editing Page

The main editing interface of HipClip is designed to make your editing workflow as smooth as possible. Here's a breakdown of the layout and how to navigate it:

Transcript Pane: On the left side of the screen, you'll find the automatically generated transcript of your video. This pane is interactive, allowing you to edit the text directly, which in turn edits your video.

Video Pane: The right side displays your video. As you make changes to the transcript, you'll see these adjustments reflected in the video pane in real-time.

Editing Basics

Editing your video in HipClip involves working with the transcript to manipulate your video content. Here are the fundamental editing actions you can perform:

Trimming and Clipping: Simply delete text from the transcript to remove unwanted parts from your video. To clip a segment, select the text corresponding to the desired video portion and use the clip option to create a new video from that selection.

Removing Silences and Filler Words: HipClip identifies silences and filler words (like "uh," "um," etc.) in your transcript. You can easily remove these by clicking on the relevant options, making your video more concise and engaging.

Highlighting and Marking: Highlight or mark important segments in your transcript for easy reference or to emphasize parts of your video. This feature is particularly useful for identifying key moments or quotes.


Editing videos with HipClip is a seamless experience that combines the simplicity of text editing with the complexity of video production. By leveraging the innovative features and intuitive interface of HipClip, you can transform your raw footage into polished, engaging content ready to captivate your audience.