5 tips on how to make a great video resume

We reveal our top tips when it comes to creating a professional and unique video resume. Be memorable during a virtual interview and create a video CV.

5 Top Tips For A Unique Video Resume

A video resume can be a great way to stand out from the crowd and show off your unique skills and personality. In fact, almost 80% of hiring managers believe that video has become more important when it comes to interacting with or vetting job candidates. And over 60% of job seekers believe a recorded video could be the evolution of the traditional cover letter. ¹ However, it's important to make sure that you do it right. In this blog post, we will give you 5 top tips for creating a video resume that will help you appear professional, creative, and the right candidate for the role.

Tip #1 – Develop A Video Resume Script

Before you even pick up the camera and start recording a video CV, you need to develop a script. With many job seekers feeling the need to submit a video to hiring managers to highlight their personality and showcase their true self, it can be all too tempting to talk for a little too long while on camera.¹

As the most important step when creating a video resume, a script will help you avoid any of those awkward pauses that can leave viewers feeling uncomfortable. A well-thought-out script will enable you to communicate both your personality and your skill-set on camera, whilst positioning yourself as the best candidate. Keep your video script clear, informative, and short, or risk overwhelming the interviewer. Remember time is money and they will appreciate a clear, well-executed video presentation. Start with your name, the role you’re applying for and your level of experience before delving into your individual skills, experience and why you think you’d be an asset to the company.

Video resume top tips

Tip #2 – Location Is Key

Choose where to record your video CV wisely. Ideally, you need to find a clean, organized, and professional-looking environment that will allow you to show off your unique personality and be as relaxed as possible so that it doesn’t come across as forced or fake. If using a bedroom, kitchen table or similar location is going to make you feel uncomfortable on film then avoid these areas and consider hiring an office space instead. Lighting is also important when it comes to recording a video resume, so pay close attention to where natural light floods the room. The light typically needs to be behind the camera so that it illuminates your face. Film in the morning, or during the day and avoid dimly lit rooms or filming during the night, as this can make your skin appear dull and tired.

Whether you’re in an office environment or at home, always make sure to dress professionally just as if you were attending a job interview in person. If the interviewer can see that you have put effort into dressing well and presenting yourself properly they will be more inclined to take your application seriously.

Tip #3 – Record A Number Of Scenes

When recording a video CV, don’t stop if you make an error or stumble on your words. Make at least 5 takes in a row to get into the 'zone' and by incorporating this with a well-written script, you can easily edit the video at a later stage to cut out any parts that don't quite flow or make you appear nervous.

Confidence is key to making a great first impression and always remember that nerves are part of the process. Over time and after multiple scenes, you'll start to find it natural and easy to talk on camera, reducing mistakes and the time it will take you to edit the final version.

When sending a video resume, always send a link to the full-length video rather than attaching it as a downloadable email attachment. This will allow interviewers to watch it at their convenience and without any issues with downloading or playing videos.

Remember, your video resume is just one component of your job application so make sure that your cover letter are up to scratch as well.

Video resume top tips

Tip #4 – Don’t Look Directly At The Camera

While it can be very tempting to stare directly down the camera lens, this can be a big mistake.  It’s not only unnatural and makes you look like a deer in headlights, but it will also leave the interviewer feeling uncomfortable while watching your video CV. Ideally, position your video camera at eye level to eliminate any awkward angles or bad lighting during recording. Instead of looking directly at the camera lens try using this simple technique that can help you appear more professional and confident - look slightly to the left of the lens.

Take a number of practice recordings until you find your best angle! Keep your head held high, talk slowly and confidently, and don't be afraid to let your unique personality or sense of humor shine through. While you might be applying for a corporate role, breaking down barriers via humor can visually demonstrate your excellent communication skills.

Tip #5 – Transcribe A Video CV Using Hipclip

Last but not least always transcribe a video resume before submitting a job application. Hipclip can make this process easy and convenient, removing any filler words used throughout the video and providing you with a clear, well-written copy of your video CV.  This is an essential step to take, as it not only confirms that you have a great video resume but also allows interviewers to read through the content at their leisure. This is also a good idea if you are going to be having a virtual interview as part of the application process, as you’ll be able to refer to what you mentioned in your video CV.

So there you have it – five top tips for creating a unique and stand-out video resume! With virtual recruiting gaining popularity since the start of the pandemic, enhancing your application by recording a virtual CV can really help your profile to stand out among other applicants. ² We wish you the best of luck in your current job hunt and hope that you now feel confident to record a professional video CV that will help you secure your next role.


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Photo by Stacey Gabrielle Koenitz Rozells on Unsplash